Ready to replace my stock power cables with a limited budget...Ideas, opinions, favorites please...





At that price point, I would buy Wattgate copper connectors and some Cardas wire and DIY.

Best to the OP in your  search for better music…

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I actually think power and speaker cables are fun to build. Others not as fun. For power I use DH Labs (Silver Sonic) top-end red bulk cable for amps and the one-rung down "Power Plus" for everything else. Wattgate connectors appropriate for the usage. I don't put braided sleeving on them because the stock cable's finish is easy to wipe down and power cables tend to get dustier than others.

Let’s go with power cables post Edison.  

GR Research and DH Labs, but complete cables still over your budget.

cullen, signal cable and pine tree audio all build excellent high value high performance cables i happily use