Ready to replace my stock power cables with a limited budget...Ideas, opinions, favorites please...





Since Biden didn't take office until January 2021, I guess it's the other guy's fault.


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@stereo5 Just reporting factual prices before and after Jan 2020.  Don't ask me about gasolne.

I ditto the Signal cable power cord, though it's a tad over $100. I have about 3 of their power cords, and assorted interconnects and one 10ft run of speaker cable.  The cables are all well made.  I first became aware of that company right here on Audiogon.  Good Luck!!


+1 for Cullen Canles. Great customer service. I replaced every power cable w/Cullen. Noticeable difference that my girlfriend noticed as well.

While Cullen does make excellent cables at a fair price, you will have to wait a while to receive them.  Even a couple years back when I ordered cables from him it took at least several weeks, with not the best communication from Patrick.  I think he is just swamped.  Anyway, my current favorite power cord under $100 is an 5N OCC silver one from Aliexpress.  It probably isn't really OCC silver, but it sounds really good on my DAC and my pre.

Draw your own conclusions.  But I know of a guy who used to work in the same office who had a sign on his desk "The Buck Stops Here."

@carlsbad Wow, that’s one impressive economic argument and exactly the depth I expected.  No need to stomp that.  Living in complete ignorance is so much easier than actually thinking — I’ll give you that.  Later.