Ready to replace my stock power cables with a limited budget...Ideas, opinions, favorites please...




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I am using Real Cable Citrine for my DAC, Furutech Roxy for my integrated amp, and Furutech Odeon for my sub.

But for my Furuteh TP80 mains conditioner I use a 1.5m DIY Belden 19364 that costs 25 USD to make (including the plugs) from my local Belden dealer. The Belden is probably the cheapest most palpable upgrade you can make. It is a power cord with very strong characteristics. It adds warmth, lots of body, and healthy amount of bass.

I actually compared it in my system to a significantly more expensive DIY Furutech DPS-4.1 and was very surprised that the Belden actually managed to extract more bass from my system. But just one Belden 19364 is enough in the chain. I actually had a pair made and initially connected another one to my desktop that is connected to my DAC. Overall sound became too thick and highs became rather metallic. So just one is enough. 

If you have a local Belden dealer, try to get from them as it would be significantly cheaper. You could purchase a factory finished one from Belden itself on Amazon Japan, but it costs around $135 USD. 

I will say that from my experience, synergy between a cable and the equipment that it is being used on should be a consideration. That being said, I will add a third vote for Supra LoRad power cords. I've tried 10 other power cords on my Denafrips Pontus II DAC ranging from $15 to $1400 and the Supra has been better than the rest than I've tried. I know this will be difficult to believe, but improvement from switching from any of the other power cords that I've tried to the Supra LoRad power cord was subjectively bigger than the difference between my Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra streamer + Denafrips Pontus II DAC (total of $2500) versus a $14.5k dCS Bartok streamer-DAC that I auditioned last summer.

Duelund 12 gauge from Parts Connextion you can buy bulk wire and build one. They also have them already built on sale for $149.00.