Favorite religious song

Tons of choices; reggae, bluegrass, classical, country, hymns. 

Not so much jazz...though I do love Pete Fountain's " A Closer Walk With Thee"

My choice is sorta religious. "Mercy" Mary Gauthier.


@lg1 - While I don't agree that "One Toke Over the Line" is a religious song, I do enjoy the song. Just listened the the album that contains that track - Brewer and Shipley - "Tarkio" on the turntable a couple of nights ago. Really, pretty good folk/rock album from that era.

I'm a big fan of Americana / Alt-Country. One of my favorite songs from that Genre just happens to be a "religious song".

Mindy Smith - "Come to Jesus"

Fantastic song and good sound quality to boot...

I do not listen to religious songs on my home system.  If I want religious music, there are churches everywhere.

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison...  I'm not very religious and I think it's a well done song.