Favorite religious song

Tons of choices; reggae, bluegrass, classical, country, hymns. 

Not so much jazz...though I do love Pete Fountain's " A Closer Walk With Thee"

My choice is sorta religious. "Mercy" Mary Gauthier.


Tourniquet, bloodgood, mass, deliverance, stryper, couple other Christian bands. 

 All these bands will. Get you fired up.

would visit my cousin in Tampa area as a kid, very religious family, he is,now a chaplain for the,military. Turned me onto Christian rock, and when I discovered Christ rock, loved it. 
would play for friends at parties, if they hadn’t heard specific lyrics,, they would never know it was Christ rock!

  Great stuff! 

if it jams, it’s good, the earlier metal with the Satan references, smart managers, band members, it was a gimmick, and it worked, hooked me early. On with Mercyful fate, bathory,venom, I remember seeing venoms welcome to hell in my record shoppe, the gold pentagram, name of the songs, it hooked me, as I was looking for heavier and faster, priest, kiss, Saxon, while I absolutely love them, I was looking for heavier, hit the flea market as a youngin, with my dad, found this one seller who had import cassettes, Motörhead, Raven, spartan,warrior, crossfire , Belgian metal, great stuff! Went there every Sunday  post church breakfast. 

anyway, there is an ocean of killer metal. With Christian overtones, it’s ironic,….yes, but if the other bands sing,about Lucifer,etc etc,…..why not positive lyrics, and Jesus. Great stuff!


still love strypers “the way” written by oz fox!

tourniquet, is great, deliverance absolutely,smokes!



If you are old enough to remember the 1960's San Jose Group named People, you may recall they had a hit single with their recording of The Zombies song "I Love You". People had two lead singers, one of them named Larry Norman. After leaving People (my teen combo opened for the Larry Norman-less People in the summer of '69, at The Coconut Grove Ballroom on the Santa Cruz boardwalk), Larry embarked on a solo career as a Christian singer/songwriter, putting out out many albums for the emerging Contemporary Christian market. I saw him live in The Paramount Theater in Portland Oregon in 1978 (ironically, not long after having seen AC/DC in the same theater ;-), to a packed and enthralled audience.