Favorite reviewer?

What are some of your favorite reviewers, and why? Also, any you don't care for. Can be from either mags or online.
reliability is always the "unspoken" issue with much of the hi-fi stuff discussed here. but it turns up in other areas, like the "where do i send my xyz mark-2 in houston for repair?" questions that pop up all the time. it doesn't invalidate the sonic virtues of the equipment, but admittedly some gear out of warranty is VERY expensive to repair, IF you can get the parts. but that's why you're often getting the darn thing for 60% off plus free shipping.
I agree.You can always find people serving their own agenda.This is true not only in reviews but in anything that has $$$ signs attached.
I feel that almost all of the contributors on Audigon are people that actually want to help by sharing their experience and knowledge.In fact there are several names that I look for when following a thread.I value their opinions
Harley by far; doesn't hurt that I agree with his calls on the gear I've tried.
Srajan Ebaen of 6moons: I never understand what he is trying to say... But I think he is a very likeable person. Does he live in Cyprus?

Robert Harley for his open mindedness on new technologies and future trends not to mention his technical know how.