Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?

What is the first song you played when you listened to your new system for the 1st time? 
As above David Sylvian "when poets dreamed of angels". The last section of the song will leave you looking left, right, and middle, at the 3 guitars positioned in the soundstage.  

But also The Blue Nile debut album (a walk across the rooftops). Lots of clarity of instruments to feast on.

Mark Hollis - Inside looking out. You feel right up close in a small room with the artists. You can hear the chair creaking as he leans forward to play the guitar. The drawing of breath before singing. The realism should leave you captivated.

Also for low bass I try the song Before Today -Chicane Remix by Everything but the Girl. There is some low beats that come in around the 1minute mark and repeat a few times throughout the song. Some speakers will not even make a sound. I judge the loudness of those beats compared to the rest of the song as a bass test.
I'm not mad on bass by the way. 
Night Train - Christian McBride
Harlam Nocturne - Max Greiger
In a Sentimental Mood - Zoot Sims
Steely Dan : Aja
Grover Washington jr. : Winelight
Sarah Mcloughlin : Angel
Manhattan Transfer : Mystery