Favourite Demo and Sampler CDs, LPs and Downloads

If you are like me, you enjoy collecting Demos and Samplers. They tend to be top quality Recordings to show off Equipment or the catalogue of a recording company and they may throw up great artists you have never heard of.

 Please list up to 5 of your own favourites, with an indication of the best in a series, if there is one. In my experience, the first is often the best, as if the compiler has thrown all his best eggs in the first basket, as it were. I will start the ball rolling:

1st and best, The Dali Demo CD    there have been two, possibly three of these, I have two. The first is definitely the best, it includes Hans Theesink and Hugh Masakela. Every track is great, but it is hard to find.

2nd, Stockfisch demo CDs and at least one LP. Great recordings and some very good Singer Songwriters, you may not have heard of, Sara K, Chris Jones, David Munyon and others

The High End Edition, a series of Classical with some Jazz samplers from the organisation that organises the Munich High End show

Best Audiophile Voices, mainly female, but at least one of male voices. The First is the best, in my opinion.

  So how about some better suggestions?

Not to be contrary, but I prefer to use music with which I am intimately familiar, which has been recorded in good sound, as demo material. 
Great idea for a thread!

I like the Sony/Sony ES series of SACD discs.
I would love to own the Accuphase (Japan only) SACD discs.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Check this : Manger Reference (CD & LP)  , OPUS 3 (CD & LP) , Tag Mclaren Test Tracks CD ,   FIM Super Sound! II (XRCD 24) .
LP : M&K Super Sampler &  Tacet DIE ROHRE (THE TUBE) Music Sampler .
I am still looking to buy those DALI test CDs.
Currently, there are Vol. 1,2,3,4

I will settle for a burned copy (CD-r) as well, for those that own the discs and do not wish to sell. PLease PM me.