Favourite Guitarists

This discussion was inspired by the recent article about our 3 favourite female singers.

Because it was impossible for me to pick just three female vocalists ( I love women singers), I will not put a limit as to how many you wish to vote for. I limited myself to a dozen. However, if you list more that 50 I will seriously question your decision making skills.

In no particular order, except for Rory at number one.

1. Rory Gallagher

2. Peter Green

3. Roy Buchanan

4. Joe Bonamassa

5. David Gimour

6. Slash

7. Johnny Winter

8. Duane Allman

9. Stevie Ray Vaughn

10. Mark Knopfler

11. Glen Campbell

12. Guthrie Govan



Forgot to add these two when I posted my first response:

Brian Setzer

Rick Nielsen

Another rather significant Aussie band from the 70s and early 80s was Cold Chisel.

Lead guitarist Ian Moss. This is an example (not the best recording or rendition).

Ian was not the lead singer.  An example of an original Chisel song, somewhat better recording.

@noske - I'm a big Cold Chisel fan, and just recently got that super-deluxe set of 'Circus Animals', with the framed signed photo and all. Yeah, Mossy is a superb guitarist - he sure lets it rip on songs like 'Letter To Alan' and 'Hound Dog'. They are still going strong and playing gigs down under. And Don Walker is such a good songwriter. 

@larsman And Don Walker is such a good songwriter.

Too right. As is Ian, and Steve, the drummer who penned when the war is over in the link I provided.

However this is a fave guitarist thread, so I won’t dwell on that aspect. Mossy truly gifted as a guitarist. And, oh, he can sing and write songs. Sadly I am not blessed to having witnessed Chisel live, despite many opportunities to being able to do so.