Favourite Guitarists

This discussion was inspired by the recent article about our 3 favourite female singers.

Because it was impossible for me to pick just three female vocalists ( I love women singers), I will not put a limit as to how many you wish to vote for. I limited myself to a dozen. However, if you list more that 50 I will seriously question your decision making skills.

In no particular order, except for Rory at number one.

1. Rory Gallagher

2. Peter Green

3. Roy Buchanan

4. Joe Bonamassa

5. David Gimour

6. Slash

7. Johnny Winter

8. Duane Allman

9. Stevie Ray Vaughn

10. Mark Knopfler

11. Glen Campbell

12. Guthrie Govan



@larsman And Don Walker is such a good songwriter.

Too right. As is Ian, and Steve, the drummer who penned when the war is over in the link I provided.

However this is a fave guitarist thread, so I won’t dwell on that aspect. Mossy truly gifted as a guitarist. And, oh, he can sing and write songs. Sadly I am not blessed to having witnessed Chisel live, despite many opportunities to being able to do so.

Zappa.  Eric gale    phil upchurch.   Kenny wayne shepherd. Samantha fish.  Johnny lang.  eric johnson.  Eddie Hazel (big RIP)  poppa chubby.   Steve Rothery (of Marillion). Alex Lifeson, steve Hackett.  Martin Barre.  Alan Holdsworth. Robin Trower.  Peter green.   Paul Chapman (rip Tonka)  steve Wilson  Trevor Rabin …..etc


As a guitarist i have been on the hunt for out side the box players

Nick Johnston's Remarkably Human is the best guitar album I've heard in 30 years. I didn't list him here because, as a guitarist myself, I judge based on skill with the instrument, not skill writing a tune, and while Johnston is very skilled (although not what I would call a virtuoso - I'm very picky with that term), this album is more of a compositional masterpiece.

For acoustic, anything by Ewan Dobson is a virtuosic treat and usually a little different than the norm. My favorite may be his self-titled album. Also, some albums from Estas Tonne.

If you're into progressive metal, Michael Romeo's War of the Worlds Part 2 is an epic cinematic compositional masterpiece with virtuosic guitar. Romeo's guitar skills are up there with the likes of Petrucci. And if any classical snobs think rock guys can't write symphonic cinematic music equal to the best the movie world has to offer, well, they are sadly mistaken. Romeo plays, programs and orchestrates all the instruments. Great vocals by Dino Jelusick.

Does Jack Johnson merit a mention or is he just a hippy surfer who is gifted at making cute songs that are more than competent?

On topic, yes, his pleasant and sometimes quirky guitar playing is a favourite of mine.