Fear of Streaming

So I was sitting around the other day and I had a yearning to hear Harry Chapin sing "Cats in the Cradle". Go to my vinyl collection and don't have it. Thought I did, but I was wrong. So I start thinking, maybe I can get a blue tooth device to hook to my integrated tube amp and then I can pair my phone with it and listen when I want. I find that it exists and purchase this Harmon Kardon BTA 10 device. It arrives, easy to use, and now I can listen to anything that comes through my phone onto my system. It is pretty cool to listen to the random song I haven't thought of in a while but sounds nothing like my vinyl. It does have some cool applications. For instance, I can't get any Buffalo Bills games down here in Savannah, GA. I downloaded an upstate NY radio station that airs the games and now I can listen to it live through my system which I find a very cool quality of life issue. However, it left me thinking that if I were to buy a dedicated streaming component then I would have all the world's music at my fingertips and it would sound so much better than going through that little HK BTA 10. However, here is my dilemma that I am really torn about. I love listening to my vinyl. I love the ritual of it. I love picking out the LP, queing it up, sitting down and reading the cover and sleeve. Getting up and flipping sides. Then repeat. I'm terrified that I will get lazy and stop doing this out of the convenience of tapping a button on a device. Sure, you can probably read all of the guts and inserts of an LP on an app but just isn't the same tactile pleasure nor rekindle those same feelings I remember when first discovering the wondorous beauty of sound. I realize this is my problem but was just wondering if any one else has ever felt the same struggle and how you rectified it. Did you make the leap and was happy you did so or did you look back in regret?
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Radio Paradise flac stream is free and sounds great.   Reminds me of Of FM radio in its heyday but better. 
Another advantage I’ve found with streaming compared to vinyl is that I’m much more likely to turn on music in the background while doing errands around the house, cooking in the next room, or other work where I don’t want the repeated interruptions of flipping the record or choosing the next album. Its also true when I might be in and out of the room with my setup because life keeps me busy sometimes. Streaming is much easier to turn on and just let play. That means I’ve got music playing more often instead of only when I can sit down, enjoy the ritual, and just listen... more music is a win in my book.
Many here have,I believe,hit the nail on the head. For myself,streaming has opened so many musical doors. Music that I truely enjoy,and would not be exposed to without a streaming service. The music I fall in love with I'll seek out on vinyl,or even cd. You don't have to look at streaming as an end game. Look at it as a tool to find more possibilities.
Here was my last week.  Talk Talk song came on Radio Paradise that I liked.  I didn't have any of their material but liked their POP stuff.  Jumped over to Qobuz and fired up their last two releases Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock and really liked them both with very few tracks I have ever heard.  Went directly to my local vinyl store, that I had not been to in months,  in what appears to be the day after they had just put out a new used collection.    Got Spirit of Eden brand new and picked up a 1983 Capital release of Dark Side of the Moon (these album hard to find in good shape),  1977 release of The White Album and a British pressing of Peter Gabriel Car.  Ooops spent about $75 more than I intended.