Feastrex Field Coil speaker repair

Beyond contacting the manufacturer in Japan or the distributor (none in U.S. as far as I can determine), can anyone suggest a repairman or women who could work on a Feastrex NF5ex field coil driver?  One of mine went out yesterday.  Checked amp, pre-amp, all wiring, power supply for field coil, etc.  It's the driver.  I heard a loud snap and smelled burnt electrical smell from that side of the room.  Auugghhhhhh!!!!!
Try Deja Vu Audio they might be able to help or at least have some advice.     Www.dejavu-audio.com 


Here’s another lead...


If it were me I’d probably ship both speakers to Feastrex.

I’d also have the PSU checked out as well as whatever amp you are using, though I’ve fried a few voice coils on single drivers with the amp not being @ fault.