Feastrex Field Coil speaker repair

Beyond contacting the manufacturer in Japan or the distributor (none in U.S. as far as I can determine), can anyone suggest a repairman or women who could work on a Feastrex NF5ex field coil driver?  One of mine went out yesterday.  Checked amp, pre-amp, all wiring, power supply for field coil, etc.  It's the driver.  I heard a loud snap and smelled burnt electrical smell from that side of the room.  Auugghhhhhh!!!!!
Voxativ is a wonderful company and Holger is one of the most helpfull people in the industry.
David Pritchard
FC produce a lot of heat right were one does not want it this can cause premature failure of VC and or FC
@johnk Thank you. I had not thought of that but it makes perfect sense. I guess I contributed to that by leaving them powered up rather than wait for them to warm up. I won't be doing that anymore when/if they get fixed. 
I am in northern New Jersey and I make field coil speakers. If you want to get in touch send me a message through Agon or contact me at www.vujadeaudio@optimum.net