Fedex and Ups Damage thread

Just for giggles Wondering if your like to share your Damages from shipping.

Let me start thinks off.

Krell ksa-2 amp.  Knocked out of square   in for factory overhaul

Canary  ca-... Monos     Slammed, bent  back panel binding posts

Vac  140 monos   Completely destroyed 1 amp Lost the other...

Rogue 120 mons  Slammed back panel.

Jbl L300  Slammed broke out front baffle




i shipped a Sony broadcast monitor to NYC, arrived in pieces. UPS claimed that it was not packed properly. i used the original factory packing and inserts. refused the claim.  i have heard other horror stories about them

In Nov. 2020 I purchased a McIntosh MC 2155 (about 70 lbs.) from an individual near Seattle, WA. When I received the box in Michigan, the front panel was shattered. I took lots of photos before and during the un-packing, and then submitted a claim through the carrier, UPS, for the Washington store. It took over three months to be reimbursed for the parts (I did the repair). They required additional photos of the box, and its rating (it had been serviced previously by Audio Classics, and so had been well packaged), as well as me filing a complaint with the BBB against the UPS store. The box had evidently been dropped (or fell) on a one of the corners. It was not a pleasant experience, but thankfully the shipper had insured it!

BREAKING NEWS.............FEDEX and UPS  to merge into one will be named  FED UP .


Shipped a VMPS sub, integrated amps on down.

Just saying.

I was a truck driver and know how to pack for the worst.  Assume drop kick.

The only claim against UPS was for a "delivery" I never received. (Porch Pirate in the 80's?) 3 months is correctomundo.

Insurance WILL NOT insure anything!

Rule #1- overpack it with the right packing material. If you're not sure, ask the manufacturer. DO NOT trust the guy at the UPS store. They don't know electronics.

Rule #2- NEVER EVER pay or arrange shipping for an item you're buying. This makes YOU the responsible party if damage occurs.  

Rule #3- NEVER ever sign for a damaged package if it's through a freight company! Even if you write "damaged" on the BOL, you're still responsible for returning the item ON YOUR DIME IF returns are accepted. If you think it's insured, you may be right. Freight companies pay 19 cents per pound for freight claims! Third party insurance sounds like a nightmare to me. 

Rule #4- hold your breath until you receive, or the buyer receives the item and leaves you positive feedback. Control is all with the buyer unless they surrender their rights by being ignorant or too lazy to learn the rules.

Rule #5-  If an item is that important to you, drive there if possible!

I learned these things through experience. Hopefully you'll avoid some of the headaches I've endured. Joe