FEDEX keeps destroying my New CARY 805RS Monoblocks - What can I do to prevent Nightmare?

Hello members,

I really need your help to resolve this issue that has been going on since 12/14/2021. It is now 1/1/2022 and I still have only 1 amplifier that is working and hopefully NOT damaged.

I noticed that many of you are very fond of the Cary 805 monoblocks.
I have purchased a pair and have had 3 amplifiers destroyed by FEDEX Ground.
Any idea how I can get one without having the AMP DESTROYERS ruin them?
CARY ships them in WOODEN CRATES and they still are damaged.
FEDEX also totally ruined one of them by sending it via truck to MINNESOTA - 1280 MILES IN THE WRONG DIRECTION !!! I live in NEW JERSEY.
What would you suggest?
Can I force FEDEX to ship them by AIR to Newark airport? FEDEX CLAIMS/REVENUE SERVICES TOLD ME yesterday that the shipper can request this if FEDEX truck delivery keeps damaging my sensitive electronics.

Should I drive to North CAROLINA - 600 MILES IN ONE DIRECTION?

The FEDEX drivers are NOT able to left the 130 pound wooden crate off of the truck or into my house. Many of the trucks don't even have a hand truck and if they do, the drivers refuse to use them.

One delivery person actually tried to hoist the wooden crate from the driveway onto his shoulder. I stopped him before he fell over backwards!

CARY has been fantastic, but FEDEX is making this into a never ending nightmare!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,




Congratulations Mike! My hat off to Cary. That shows commitment when an executive drives hours to meet a customer.

Cary shipping Ground?! Pathetic! I always use freight for heavy items for business, palletized of course. Insurance is very cheap at 0.5-1.0% of value. Also, if you notice the slightest damage on the box/crate ALWAYS mark the driver's document "damaged". Even if you notice the driver plopping down the pallet harshly, mark it damaged. UPS's new insurance program charges 1% and pays any claim, no questions asked. They don't inspect for improper packaging or anything - that's where all the carriers get you, on the packaging! This applies to all UPS shipments, not just freight. It's for commercial accounts only. My worst case was shipping a $135k microscope in a huge crate. It arrived with one side completely gone! The side wasn't on the driver's trailer, who knows where it ended up. Fortunately, no damage to my piece nor anything spilled out. Geez!