Fee for home audition

I am in the market for a music server/streamer. I was discussing with one of the authorized dealers for a streamer. He had a demo unit and was willing to bring to my home for an hour and let me try. He is located around 10-15 minutes from my home. He wants to charge 5% for home demo. Is this the industry standard? I am not meaning to disparage anyone so not going to name the dealer. I am just trying to see what the standard practice is. 


My local dealers let me have anything I wanted for two weeks. I auditioned a pair of speakers, complete set of cables and a power conditioner for two weeks completely free of charge. So id you ask what the standard is, different dealers will for sure have different standards.

Buy something and the policy will flex next time. 

Now you are a zero in his book.

Least he did not charge you $250 to walk in the door!


Over the decades and many in-home auditions, I have never paid to take an audio component home, nor paid to test drive an automobile🤔😉.   

As a dealer, a fee to listen at home for an hour seems unwarranted.  When large heavy speakers or amps that require hiring manpower and a moving van, that’s a different story.  And yes, repeat buyers are afforded courtesies that a new shopper may not. We have had to read the riot act to “loaner abusers” on occasion.  And no dealer wants to go to the trouble and expense of presenting, loaning, etc. and then have the customer buy elsewhere…especially online…without being given a fair chance to make the sale.  That can poison a relationship pretty fast!

Don't buy in Thailand - I bought an AQ power cable , had it for a week .

Decided  the higher quality , more expensive lead  was for me .Assumed I would get  a credit for returned lead on price of up grade .

Was told only half price given as now second hand cable !!!!!!!!!!!!!