Feedback on Monster Alpha 2 Cartridge

For those of you deep into the analog realm, anyone have any experience with Monster Alpha 2 cartridge. Believe it was designed by the current founder/president/chief designer of Zyx cartridges - Hisayoshi Nakatsuka - and it came out in 1988 I believe. Supposedly was a very good cartridge at the time and is quite sought after today. Apparently it's strong suits were speed, articulation and resolution but also set a new standard for sound staging at it's time. That's all I know.

Anyone here owned or heard one? For those who have, I would appreciate any sonic impressions/description of the cart. They normally go for $500-550 in used market nowadays (not bad for a 27 year old design) in good condition. Have the opportunity to get one for $400. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to add to the question, if I don't get this, I will likely just get a Dynavector 20X2 instead, so any comments as to how it would compare to the Dyna cart would also be appreciated.

In case it's helpful, I have the Nagra BPS phonostage. The cartridge will be mounted on a Graham 2.2 tonearm running on a Basis 2001 table. Rest of system is ARC Ref 3/110 (pre/power) amps and Thiel 2.4 speakers.

Frogman...thank you very much for your extended feedback. Very helpful. The only reason I am contemplating the Alpha 2 is because it's being offered to me from the personal stash of the vinyl expert at Goodwins whom I implicitly trust who says it's in excellent condition and still has 2-3 years of continuous playing time on it and that it was a SOTA design when it came out. Otherwise, I would never consider buying a used cart sight unseen, especially a 20_ year old cart, so unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to buy an Alpha Genesis 2000 nor would I buy one unless it's coming from a trusted source like the Alpha 2 is.

Let me ask you this: do you think a current "mid-price" cartridge like a Dynavector 20X2 would be able to better the Alpha 2 overall, or would I still be better off trying the Alpha 2? I know it may be a hard question since you may not have heard the 20X2 but I guess what I'm really asking is given the advancements in cartridge designs and materials, wouldn't something like the 20X2 or a similar cartridge be more likely to deliver better overall SQ than a cartridge from 20+ years ago? I am assuming there have been advancements in things like magnets, styli designs and materials, etc...but it may be that innovations have been far and few in the past 20 years and that may not be the case (I have no idea what the answer is which is why I am throwing it out there)?

Cmalak, the only Dynavector I have ever owned was a Karat Ruby many years ago, so I can't help you with that comparison. I am not very familiar with mid level cartridges of the recent past. After the AG2000 my cartridge purchases included a couple of Vandenhuls and Shelters and over the last few years I have been revisiting vintage MM's which can be quite excellent. I can tell you that in the price range we are talking about I would consider a used Shelter 501, while very different, to be in the same general class as the Alpha 2. At $400 an Alpha 2 from a trusted dealer seems like a solid deal to me. Good luck.