Feedback on new Ayre MX-R Monoblocks

I've been a big fan of more musical producing amps and systems like Linn. I hear that the new Ayre MX-R's blow the Linn stuff away. Looking for feed back and impressions on these new amps and an idea as to what kind of deal can be had to get them out the door.
Hi John

I own the MX-R monoblock as well, and you are right, it sounds very accurate and natural - although it's not warm/full bodied like the tube-amp, it doesn't sound dry in any way. I am also extremely happy with them...

May I ask what cables do you use? I use the Ayre interconnect and Kubala-sosna emotion spk cable.

Speakers are Wilson Sophia 2, Snell X55 center (likely to be replaced by Wilson center or Revel center), revel sub 30, rears are Snell K.5 mkII towers
3 ayre mono blocks for L C R (replaced V6xe by Ayre)
Byrston C series for rears
Velodyne SMS-1 equilizer for sub
Meridian 861 4.2 pre amp, all balanced, NO VIDEO in this box
MIT Z condition, Shunyata Hydra (soon to be two Ayre conditioners
All power cables are version of Cardas
Speaker cables now are MIT Magnun (likely to be replaced with three matching cardas type cables...very short to each of three front speakers
Nordost Blue H II for rears
Magnum 206 tuner
Ayre D1ex...recently updated by Ayre
Three dedicated AC lines, one for digital signals, two balanced dedicated 20A, separate ground
Pioneer FHD -1 50" plasma (replaced Loewe set)

Hope that answers the landing on these items I played with alot of stuff...have used Spectral, transparent (all replaced) in past year or so...pretty settled now
Do they give pinpoint imaging of instruments ?? how is the depth. Are soloists up front at the speaker line or back ??
from my perspective the imaging is that I mean that it varies with the type of wilsons are about 12' apart, 40" out from the rear wall and 5' or more from the side walls...I tend to be a fan of using the long wall as opposed to the tunnel...short wall approach...for me it tends to reduce, not eliminate, much of the characteristics of the typical stereo mode the side to side image extends from the outside of the speakers...evening accross the front stage...depth tends do depend upon the type of music...Yo YO MA on solo cello versus a full does wonderfully on capturing the intimate flavor of a Jazz trio/quartet...etc....with the drums, bass and piano typically anchored....interesting to hear Miles Davis wander at times in some recordings...particular some of the live ones....thus I get a very nice sense of space...and spacinous around the player....
I just heard the Mx-R monblocks at a dealer, where I purchased my 5-series components. The system was spectacular in every way. It's hard to characterize good sound as warm or cool or any other terms we normally use to describe hi-fi ... just perfect and real.

The final sound is always determined by perfectly matching components. I've found in the context of my modest system, simple things like using the Ayre wood blocks all around and taking time to match the cables have resulted in a new level of appreciation.