Feedback requested on new speakers to pair with my Luxman MQ88uc tube amp

Just sold my Crites modded Klipsch Chorus 1 speakers. They delivered way above their price point but looking for more bass and imaging. I went down the path of low output tube amps and higher efficiency speakers. I have a budget of + - $3K. I prefer to hear something in person and narrowed my selection to these locally available options:

Fyne 502sp. 92db efficiency. Made in Scotland. Titanium tweeter. 8 ohms. Frequency: 30hz - 34khz. Bass enhancing technology (but don’t they all claim to have that?)

Zu Definition Mk2 101db efficiency, 8 ohms. The active amp in each speaker was removed and now powered with a Leon sub amp. Sean Casey says this works but needs to be set up a certain way and recommends hiring a sound engineer to do the work. Sounds complicated but wiling to do the work if they deliver. These sold for over $10K and can get them for $3K.

Audio Kinesis Jazz. These have a 93db efficiency and go down to 30hz, I believe. These also have a tuning port on the back to control bass tone. I understand, these were designed around an Atma-Sphere 30 watt tube amp so could be a good fit. However, not as well known and could be kind of finicky to set up with the recommended 45* toe in.

Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII - These are the least efficient from the group at 90db. They go down to about 36hz. They are 4 ohm but my Luxman has a 4 ohm tap but wonder about any potential strain on the amp and putting out enough power when needed. These are also the most expensive of my choices but I sense a lot of potential if my amp will work.

I have a larger room for my audio gear but my effective listening area is with speakers set about 9’ apart with listening chair about 9’ in the center. I listen to all genres of rock oriented music from the 60’s to today. I also listen to a lot of jazz and blues. Some other local options may pop up but for now these are my choices. I’m sans speakers now and would like to make a decision fairly soon. Thanks!

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So a couple of data points that you may be able to extrapolate from perhaps.  I had this same amp for about 18 months.  It sounded incredibly good paired with my DeVore O/96's and wretchedly awful with Klipsch Forte III's.  I suspect the triode circuit prefers a high, flat impedance. I'd try for something with 10 ohm or higher nominal impedance.  At your budget consider used Altec or LS3/5A with a sub?  I'd definitely steer clear of the 4 ohm speakers.

The DeVore’s 96 or 93 definitely on the top of my list for this amp but not quite there with the budget. Hopefully, next purchase. Thanks for the feedback on the 4 ohm speakers. Definitely something to consider. There are a pair of Valencia A’s in my area for sale but want to try different than horns and perhaps a bit more modern.  But may give it further thought. 

that utterly dynamic, expansive sound that great horn loaded speakers make, once gotten used to, and beloved, is hard to reproduce by other lower efficiency speakers

i would suggest you go upmarket with better large klipsch's or the like, and then augment with subwoofers to get the bottom end support that so many such designs need