Feedback wanted from Jolida JD100A owners

I've been doing a lot of research on this player and a few others like the Arcam 73T.

How do you guys like this cd player and what other cd players did you audition? I don't want my highs extended as they are pretty good and borderline excessive. I do like bass though.

Thanks in advance.
Offer only valid for Dazman. Batteries not included. One per customer. Some assembly required. Absolutely no refunds :P

Besides, I sold the Jolida a few years back. I heard the AN CD2 is much improved by completely covering it with Shatki Stones!
Well I'm using a Luxman DZ-03 CDP,which is about 16 years old now. My sony CDP is around 7 years old but the Luxman actually sounds better.

The Jolida would make the world of difference, I would think.
The consensus is right. It has the best midrange under $1,000. The highs are smooth (read: rolled off) - what you are looking for.

The bass is very textured, but not extended. Might be an issue for you.

Overall very addictive and warm. It is the anti-solid state. And probaly up with the best sub $1K players you can get - depending on preference.

The JPS power cord makes a huge difference along with NOS tubes.

Oh, and modding this player will kill the lush midrange. So, don't do it.