Feedback wanted from Jolida JD100A owners

I've been doing a lot of research on this player and a few others like the Arcam 73T.

How do you guys like this cd player and what other cd players did you audition? I don't want my highs extended as they are pretty good and borderline excessive. I do like bass though.

Thanks in advance.
Well I'm using a Luxman DZ-03 CDP,which is about 16 years old now. My sony CDP is around 7 years old but the Luxman actually sounds better.

The Jolida would make the world of difference, I would think.
The consensus is right. It has the best midrange under $1,000. The highs are smooth (read: rolled off) - what you are looking for.

The bass is very textured, but not extended. Might be an issue for you.

Overall very addictive and warm. It is the anti-solid state. And probaly up with the best sub $1K players you can get - depending on preference.

The JPS power cord makes a huge difference along with NOS tubes.

Oh, and modding this player will kill the lush midrange. So, don't do it.
I think the bass is very good, and I am satisfied with it. But of course there are better players in terms of bass. It is hard to have everything without huge money. The only mods I have are dampening, better RCA output jacks and different tubes. I have read several other opinions about modding which also say the mods (which are permanent) change the sound in ways they don't like, versus tube changes which are temporary. I'm glad I didn't get the more complex mods. I can change tubes later if I want. The best mod is probably airborn and mechanical vibration insulation and changing tubes. I also added an aftermarket power cable. I haven't decided if that was needed. Good luck!