feedback wanted Reference 3A speakers???

Im giving a serious look into Dulcets which are a step below he Del Capo..anybody ?? Also, what power are you using to these speakers ??
One of the best speakers I have heard and not just within its class. The Dulcets are in my top 5 finest audio products of all time. I owned the De Cappo's for a long time as they filled my room better. Don't try and fill a large room and if your room is the right size you cannot go wrong with the Dulcets.

I used a pair of DeCapos for longer than any other speaker I've ever owned. Reference 3A makes a great product at a reasonable price. I used the DeCapos with several different amps, from a 5w 2A3 tube amp, 8w class A solid state, 30w class A monos and several different higher powered amps.