Feickert Adjust+ Tool

Reading the latest Stereophile MF mentions a new Arm Cartridge setup alignment tool called Adjust+. From what i have read it may be worth the cash for very accurate adjustments which should translate to better sound. MF also mentions a similar tool made by L'Art du Son has any of you used either of these interesting new Analog tools?
I find this tool very interesting myself. I had a post of my own asking about it a few weeks ago but there seemed to be little interest at that time. It appeals to my neurotic audiophile side which always wonders if my setup is optimal. Azimuth I find especially challenging. I use the VPI "rod" method currently but others swear by electronic setting with a DMM. I have tried the DMM and find it to be an estimate at best(in my hands anyway)due to the bounce in the reading at the smaller crosstalk voltages. I have wondered if this adjust + may be a more precise way once you figure it out(which seems complicated at first glance) Usually, after thinking about all this for a while, my more laid back side decides to set it as close as I can by eye and just enjoy some music. Anyway, if anyone gets some hands on with this tool please post your findings.
The software does seem interesting, but I am not sure what it offers beyond a standard spectrum analyzer run on a laptop. I guess, part is the excellent test record. The discussion above is great since it may actually give some more insight into this.

A comment on the DMM method: It doesn't work well unless you use a 1KHz bandbass filter for your 1KHz signal (assuming a 1KHz test track). There is too much noise in the background and the DMM integrates the noise over all frequencies. A much better way it to use a Laptop with a spectrum analyzer which allows to detect the 1KHz crosstalk signal directly .

The DMM I bought at Radio Shack happens to have a laptop connection with software included. Would this eliminate the need for the filter? How would I make/find a 1 Khz fiter?