female ballad song or artist from early 2000's ?

Really not much info to go on about this pop ballad from the early 2000's. It a slow piano ballad with a smooth female vocalist. Could have been her only hit as the voice was not a familiar one. Don't remember the words just heard it on a pop radio station and in the superstores while shopping several years ago, I'm guessing around 2000-2003 in there somewhere. I called the local radio station and no luck without the artist name or song title, same luck with a couple cd stores. Where would I look for it on the internet? Any idea who this artist or song could be would be a big help. Thank you, Jerry
Jgeyer, this is a way long shot, but is this it?

Also if you find an artist that sounds like it's a possibility,type their name in first,then utube.The search engine must know you want YouTube,just a shortcut.
Isn't there an iPhone app that will allow you to hum a few notes of a tune and return a list of recorded versions?
No Mofiadness that not it but a good try and thanks for the new artist. Thanks again to Hifitime. Jerry