Female vocalist recommendations

My morning routine starts at 530/am. Light breakfast, and my morning tea.

I then power up my audio system and listen to my morning favorites.

I love soothing female vocalists at this time of the morning.

Here are some of my favorites- Norah Jones-Jacintha-Abigail Lapell-Amber Rubarth-Anette Askvik-Margo Timmins-etc

I'm really looking for some other recommendations by the great minds on Agon.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated....and great recordings are a bonus.

Thanks in advance.



Try Imelda May, I listen to her a lot. She writes most of her own music and has a wide range of style. Watch her and Jeff Beck do Walking in the Sand on youtube.


Lee Aaron.

earlier is hard rock.

player is rock, blues, jazz.



Thank you.  Joan Baez tucked away amongst 49 odd others.

Early Joan had the most pure untrained high soprano voice there ever was.  It rings like a bell.  If you want beauty in a voice, look no further than her very first Vanguard recording.