Fess Up How much have you spent on this Hobby??

Well, I've had the audio bug since I was a teenager and I witnessed first hand the emergence of high end audio as it was introduced in the market by manufacturers such as Audio Research, McIntosh, Crown, Revox and many others. I couldn't get enough of it and even went to Hope, Arkansas to meet Paul Klipsch in person. I (of course) had an analog rig for decades before getting into digital. I've changed out systems multiple times and have now incorporated HT into the mix as well. All told, I probably have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 150K or more at this point... and really have no regrets!! Hard to imagine life without the world's greatest music. A blessing of the highest order!
“ ... live within your means to the maximum extent possible.” Best statement I have read recently!
Like others I think it's a good idea to plead the 5th. But I can tell you it's enough spent that I am out of the market for good, except to sell.
A better question would be to ask ...

... How much have I saved over the years buying used, demo'ing something and deciding it's not for me, listening to the wife when she says "no more - not now"?
This forum is on the internet and accessible to anyone. If I posted my total, someone I know might find out and I'd be totally shamed.

So, for that reason, I will never tell what I've spent.