FEX EX Damaged New Legacy's

I just had to refused shipment on a pair Legacy Foundation subs. They were skidded, stood on end, strapped, and very nicely packaged. But....two big holes in the upper part of the corners revealed a nice blemish/scuff and  indentation on the front of one of the speakers. The Foundations use no grill, so what's visible is going to be REALLY visible. At a list price of 4350.00 dollars a piece you would think whoever checkmarks the damage at Fed Ex would have a look. I say that because the driver admitted his paperwork showed " damaged" ... I took pictures, called my dealer and he's taking care of it. I'm not a bit concerned as Legacy has always been super to deal with. Crap ...... 
"Treat every package like it's you own."
Very few (if any) shipping company employees live by this rule.
From my own past experience, FedEx is easier than UPS to deal with as far as claims go. Took me 60 days once to get compensation from UPS for a broken faceplate on a McIntosh amp. It was much quicker the next time it happened with FedEx.
I worked in a UPS hub 10 years ago sorting packages and loading them into 40ft trucks. The package will be dropped via conveyor to its designated truck and most of the time the sorter has so many packages on top of each other you have to literally step on the packages and I have to do that a couple of times because there is nowhere else to step on because they just keeps coming and you are by yourself and have to stack them nice and tight on the front of the 40fter until you reach the back. I quit after 1 month of that horrible workplace.
One need to exercise caution when shipping speakers with Fedex. Recently I sold a buyer a pair of Monitor Audio Gold 50 with Monitor Audio stands. Because I didn't have the original boxes and packing materials, I took them to Fedex and had their personnel, pack, boxed and ship the speakers from Atlanta to Conn. at a cost of $357.00. They arrived damaged and the buyer obviously was very upset and rightfully demanded a refund. Fedex initially declined my claim because the outside of the box was not damaged according to their inspectors even though the speakers and stands inside were very damaged. I had to take Fedex to small claims court to recover the cost of the speakers, shipment cost and court filing fee. BTW, a senior claims agent had recommended Fedex pay the claim but he was over ruled. A company attorney stepped in after I file the claim in small claims court and settled stating that the company had made a mistake in not settling with me initially. "Be careful how you use Fedex when shipping speakers."