Fianlly got my FUBAR II to sing w/ AD797AN Op-amps

I've been experimenting with the Fubar NOS USB Dac and tried various Burr Brown Op-amps up to the 627 but was not happy with the results.

If I can get it to sound at least comparable to my Rotel RCD-971 than I'm happy. I prefer the up front sound of the 971 over newer/better Rotel's including the 1070 and 991, -- too smooth and seem lacking in vitality to me.

So today Digi-key's AD797AN's arrived and immediately I knew I had found the sound I was looking for...

I think that ultimate resolution is not as important as presentation, ie; recessed vocals do not work for me!

So if you're meesing with Op-amps do give the AD797AN's a try
I have had great results using the AD797 in combination with an 811. One gets the low input noise/distortion of the 797 along with the speed and line driving capability of the 811. See Fig.46 in

How does that work?
I needed 2 AD797's (1 for each channel) on a Browndog adapter...
Where would the 811/s go?
I stack them connecting the pins as needed and stick a heatsink on top. It was developed by Walt Jung at AD and called a "Composite" opamp.