Fiber Optic Internet

Ziply Fiber is a new internet provider that is coming to our area. I was wondering if any of you out there have had experience with their service or have used fiber optic internet with your systems?

I am putting together an all-digital front end and am currently with Comcast. At present, I have speeds of 100 Mbps upload and 5 Mbps download at $58 a month and I was going to optically isolate the signal from my router to my streamer with a set of fiber media converters (FMC), but I’m thinking that this kind of internet service would eliminate the need for the FMC’s? Sort of galvanic isolation all on its own.

Here is a link to their offerings. Which of their plans/speed do you think would be best if you think optical internet is a good option for streaming music? Thanks.




You can’t really get surges over fiber. What can happen though is that they will run fiber to a box OUTSIDE your house, and then transition to Ethernet from outside to inside, and that’s a potential surge source through EM coupling. That coupling is worse the longer the Ethernet cable is. If you have a 5’ run that’s probably OK, but if it’s 20’ or longer it may be worth having an Ethernet isolator.

From what I have read, but now can’t find, the latest thinking on surge protection for Ethernet is to isolate, not ground, surges. The research on Ethernet protection I read is saying that if you ground a surge inside a building (via a MOVs or gas discharge tubes) you actually cause more damage by creating an easy path for high current, and when that lightning flows things melt, including wires and gear on the other end of the "protection." Some research even points to systems that might otherwise survive instead  fail specifically because of Ethernet surge protectors creating a ground path. Because of this, inside a building you want to avoid any Ethernet surge protection which provides a ground path on surge.  Do your grounding outside.

To reduce the chance of lightning induced surges over Ethernet you want one of these instead:



or the significantly more expensive version from Trip Lite:


I have about 60-80' between my router and my entertainment system.  Plenty long to get an induced lightning surge with a little bad luck so I am using the cheap one there.

I should point out that there is also a potential surge path using F-E-F conversion, and that is through the power strip.

Imagine a surge enters your first F-E converter, that then travels to the power strip... :-)

So, nothing is perfect, and this scenario still requires a pretty large strike to bridge the Ethernet AND the power supply to damage elsewhere, but just saying...

@mlsstl - opps, you are correct, I have the up & downloads speeds reversed! 

@soix - OK, that makes sense to me.

@erik_squires - Thanks for the links to the isolators. My router/modem are a single unit and will be on the same shelf as my audio equipment. I'll purchase one and put it on the line between my router and my streamer.  

FYI, I use Frontier’s FIOS Internet in SW Florida. I have been a customer for 15 years.  Great service.  Signed up for their new plan 500Mbps up/500Mbps down.  $44.99 a month using autopay.  No contract or installation fees.