Fiber Optic Internet

Ziply Fiber is a new internet provider that is coming to our area. I was wondering if any of you out there have had experience with their service or have used fiber optic internet with your systems?

I am putting together an all-digital front end and am currently with Comcast. At present, I have speeds of 100 Mbps upload and 5 Mbps download at $58 a month and I was going to optically isolate the signal from my router to my streamer with a set of fiber media converters (FMC), but I’m thinking that this kind of internet service would eliminate the need for the FMC’s? Sort of galvanic isolation all on its own.

Here is a link to their offerings. Which of their plans/speed do you think would be best if you think optical internet is a good option for streaming music? Thanks.



FYI, I use Frontier’s FIOS Internet in SW Florida. I have been a customer for 15 years.  Great service.  Signed up for their new plan 500Mbps up/500Mbps down.  $44.99 a month using autopay.  No contract or installation fees.  

@sfseay - I renewed with Comcast for another year. I think I'll wait for some feedback from others who sign up with Ziply, but thanks for your feedback.

Ziply Fiber is a relatively new internet provider that aims to bring fiber optic connectivity to your area. While I cannot provide personal experiences with their service, fiber optic internet is generally known for its fast and reliable speeds. If you're currently with Comcast, which offers 100 Mbps upload and 5 Mbps download at $58 a month, switching to fiber optic internet could potentially provide a significant upgrade in both upload and download speeds. As for the need for fiber Optic media converters (FOMC), fiber optic internet already provides galvanic isolation, eliminating the requirement for additional equipment.

To determine the best plan/speed for streaming music, I recommend reviewing Ziply Fiber's offerings and selecting a plan that aligns with your desired usage and budget.

@versitron - my mailbox at home is flooded with your promotional material and now I'm getting it on my Agon thread. I'll pass thanks!