Fiber optic USB cable users?

I stream my music from my iMac to my an Aqua La Voce DAC.  Alex Crespi at Uptone Audio turned me on to the Fibbr Alpha USB A-B Optical fiber digital audio cable, which I am powering with his excellent UltraCap LPS 1.2 power supply. My run is 2 meters, but evidently it can run as far as 20 meters with no signal loss. Right out of the box, I do sense a lower noise floor and more depth to the music.  I was unaware that USB fiber optic cable even existed, but it does, and this $200 cable is very affordable and impressive in performance.   Any one else using fiber optic USB cables and if so, what is your impressions for them?   Wire is wire until it is not wire at all to transmit data...


Great to hear that fibre optics has made it's way to USB. Done right, it can sound great. I'm using Supra Zac Toslink from my TV and OPPO Blu Ray player to my Technics SU-G700M2 and it sounds really good and betters the few coax cables I have lying around. In fact, I stopped looking for a better coax. They're that good.

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Hi, can the Fibbr usb optical cable be used with a streamer that has usb 2.0 into a usb dac?  I ask because from the description it seems that one end of the Fibbr cable is usb 3.0.  Thanks in advance!  Regards.