Fidelity Research FR-64 vs. FR-54

In a prior discussion, I had asked about tonearm suggestions for a Luxman PD-441 table that currently has a Denon DA-307 tonearm and Grado The Reference high output cartridge.  Many suggestions were provided.  A Fidelity Research FR-64 was suggested as a simple replacement.  I'm wondering if the FR-54 would also be good, being that it is mentioned in the Luxman manual in the same category as the Denon arm on there now?
Raul, instead of babbling on the same old things, probably better if you could finish your ideal tonearm and show the world you are right!

It is 2017 already you know? How many years have past since you told members here the arm would be ready "NEXT YEAR"?

BTW, have you tested how bad the air-borne feedback problem really is in your room as mentioned before?
To Dover,

   Sorry to borrow the space for contacting Dover. I've read the post regarding the regulating of the PAPST DC motor for the SOTA table and wondering what your suggestion would be to improve the table speed. Please kindly advise. Thanks for your kind attention.

Star with 64fx

I can't stand to read this moronic babbling.  Anyone can train themselves to hear distortion, speed variations, 2nd and 3rd harmonic, etc etc.

Perhaps I underestimated Raul when we first encountered, but he doesn't have to name the type of distortion for it to be there.

The Pabst motor is not the culprit on the Sota table, it's the controller unit which probably needs service, although the design is from an early period in modern, table history.

The FR64S is a primitive POS. 

What happens to the amplitude of resonance when there is a severe mismatch?

What is the function of fluid damping in this case?

Full range electrostatic spks. do not have the midbass impact of dynamic spks.  If someone claims they do, then I question their hearing ability.

Dear @lewm : Not a monster that's for sure. The ML amps is a very special amp design with no trouble on handle almost anything with real aplomb.No, I don't have that nigthtmare impedance curve you name it, ADS makes no that kind of " mistakes ".

Yes, the best resistor/cap/inductor or cable is NO resistor/cap/inductor or cable but sometimes as it happens in the 99% of the speakers designs are need it. I think that the passive crossover in my ADS is optimized and does the less harm to the audio signal you, me or any one else could achieve. So, I'm confident on this main issue.

In the other side and when you are talking of " linearity " we have to think that today transistors designed expressely for audio are not the same as in the " old " times and other than that we have to talk here not only on linearity but about frequency bandwindth, signal transfer velocities, intrinsic devices distortions and the like.You are a wise man, so don't try to justify what in 2017 has no single justification other that you already pay for it and have to live with. Remember that like me you are a " by product " of that touted AHEE and this is your problem not mine.

Btw, I'm not the only one that sees the light but a person that sees the light in way better way that some as you can't do it yet.

In other thread you posted that have some bass problems with your main system and you want to solve it adding subs and I know that move/action it helps but as you stated somewhere tubes are not for bass overall management.

I know very well your Sl and heard it with tubes and ss electronics and differences are like nigth and day. Yes, I know you like tubes and you said I'm with ss alternative but the reality is that I like MUSIC not electronics.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dear @thekong :  """  I hope you ........ wouldn't mind doing the following simple test and let us know what happens.............................................................
I doubt that you could have complete silence (or faint noise from the phono) at the headphone. I am pretty sure you could hear faint music through it (although it could sound funny as it has gone through the RIAA stage). """

Makes no sense to me that you ask for some tests in my audio system when I have to prove you or any one else nothing at all. I already told you here and evrywhere in other threads why I can have a quality sound reproduction through my home audio system that you can't have it and because you can't have it you just can't imagine or understand what I'm talking about.

""" I suppose if you play the Telarc 1812 at 109db peak, you probably could feel the pressure on your chest. """

that stament you made it confirm you understand it because in my today enviroment I don't feel the pressure in my chest ! ! !

Do it a big favor and maybe the best in your audio life: 

- avoid any single tube in the audio signal. Yes you have to change to SS.
- install a dedicated fully regulated  power electrical line with surge protection, 80-90 db noise reduction and RFI/EMI supresors.
- that all your audio system eletrical power cords be connected/soldered with pure all silver cable directly to the electronics boards with no single connector in between.
- by-pass all fuses in your audio system.
- install two well designed active subwoofers in true stereo fashion in your system. With the main speakers working as a satellite ones and with out external active high pass crossover.
- reduce at minimum the room treatment.
- that your phono stage comes with the Neumann pole at the RIAA eq.

WShen you did it then run the tests you are suggesting that I do and after that come back to me and the forum to share your experiences.

I never ask somebody something that I did not experienced my self in my system and never talk about theories but facts, first hands experiences: always.

Yes, as many of us ( including me. ) you have to learn many things.

Test your self is the " best " way to grow-up to any audiophile.

It's very easy to give opinions that if not experienced are useless for you, me and everyone. You can't understand of what kind of distortions I'm talking about because you never been aware/detect it, you just don't know exist and have plenty of them in your today set-up.

In the other side, I have three finished of our self tonearmdesign and of course that I can't ask you have it because this you can't do it: yet ! ! ! 

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC not DISTORTIONS,