Field coil dava cartridge

I have been hearing great things about the dava field coil cartridge with the tube power supply. I am only able to read a few reviews on them. The reviews seem all positive and the designer Darius seems to be a very approachable person . I would like to hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the cartridge. Especially comparison with the Lyra atlas sl which is my current cartridge.

thanks in advance.


@jeff1225 , I'm glade we are good for a laugh. Good luck with your DAVA. Please come back in a year and give us a long term assessment. 

But, for the record, there is so much variability in how we listen and in the performance of our systems you can not make sense out of what any one or even 10 individuals hear. If you are making a buy decision based entirely on what someone else hears you are likely to be disappointed. You can't even trust your hearing if you were listening on someone else's system!  Those of us with an understanding of the physics involved will always add those considerations into the mix as well as the history of the manufacturer and whatever reviews are available. 

A man, who is not too long passed, and certainly did seem to have an 'understanding of the Physics Involved', once stated and which is recorded for all to see as a legacy, is to be seen below.

"We have been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly just how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists. If this humility could be imparted to everybody, the world of human endeavours would become more appealing."


I can absolutely trust my ears when I'm listening to a system. We listened to 3 turntables, two were fitted with the Etsuro Gold cartridges. The DaVa was head and shoulders above the Etsuro's to my ears. Dynamics, tone, and flow were superior. 

And that's my point, use your ears. 

I usually attend demonstrations carried out using Five Different Systems in homes throughout a year and also in a year can be introduced to a few other systems in unknown homes, further systems are experienced 'not in a home' if an event is attended.

The regular visited homes where I am familiar with the systems in use, are all able to impress and make very good presentations, the type of ones that I would be happy to introduce any forum member from any forum to.

I have always had a sympathetic understanding of a system presented in a home, especially one that is new to myself and one that maybe has quite obvious sonic traits that are not to my preferences. I am happy to discuss with the owner how long they have been putting the system together and which changes have been made to achieve the system that is un use.

It does not take long to work out that a certain individual builds a certain type of system to suit their own unique preferences and my thoughts on the sonic traits being detected, that do not come across as attractive to my prferences are of no importance and certainly do not have a place in the encounter. What matters is that I am a guest in another’s home and where I can support and offer encouragement for the positives being discovered is the Cornerstone of growing a friendship, especially where likeminded individuals are becoming rarer that Rocking horse Poo.

If I was to attend an event and a Commercial entity was demonstrating their wares. If an opportunity comes, ’which it has’, I will inquire about the intention for the system being demonstrated and would not hesitate to inform where I see the description being presented by the vendor and the impression made on myself through the demonstration and my assessment, are from my standpoint not aligned. It is not a nice trait (something a little whiffy) when a sales pitch being directed at somebody, is attaching itself to a Marketing Buzz Word or Journalistic Hype, but the sale being encouraged within the location is quite amiss in matching the attraction of the desirable traits of a Buzz Word.

It is an 'absolute fact', that one can go into different environments and make trusted and very useful assessments of an assembly of Equipment or even Particular Items of Equipment, through receiving a demonstration, they need nothing else than their senses to be healthy in order to make an evaluation.

Getting out and experiencing other systems of items of interest is the most enjoyable and healthy practice within HiFi, it is my mantra, it is this practice that has encouraged changes made within the home system that has created the in-use system today. It is also this practice that has enabled myself to measure my system against others and in some cases, systems approaching £200 000 or more, I don't feel I need to extend to such monies to get the experience that satisfies myself.

The above though is not sharing the experience of an item of interest entered into your own system used in your own listening environment in a relaxed emotional state.

With this in mind, a good impression made at another abode or venue, is one that identifies an item for a shortlist, and ideally to be included for a Home Demonstration, if the Home Demo' opportunity is able to be created, otherwise to purchase outright with no experience of the item used within the system, is a punt purchase. It would be bettered with a period of a pre purchase familiarisation in place for a purchased item.

With the modern marketing options, a Home Demo’ of an item of interest is difficult to achieve, but a demo’ of an Item of interest is usually achievable if a bit of footwork is carried out.

When I reassemble my system from storage, I have a list of items for a Home Demo', these are items of interest I have gathered over the past year or more. Fortunately, some items of interest are on others shortlists and I might get a few listens in other systems prior to be loaned the device for my own home audition.

Dear @jeff1225 : " You guys really do make me laugh. Don’t like the design so you are going to draw opinions about the sound but are not willing to actually hear it in a system. Thank you both for the entertainment. "


Well, I know that you already knew that audio world is in reality an audio circus where we can find out clowns as you. Nothing wrong with that or with me.

Now, you are totally wrong in what you stated because what I posted was and is not about " sound " that you said but several true facts ( not because I posted. ) on what surrounded that cartridge design where one of those facts is that the cartridge FR deviation is 4db-6db and this sole fact really makes me laugh. Now you are an active member of that wbf stampede that started 2 years ago by a gentleman with a system where only the speakers have a price tag of over half million big dolars. Go figure !!! Btw, you can go to the other Agon thread about " what the best cartridge " where you can continue " laughing ". Who cares.



"" I will be placing my order after I sell some of these crappy MM carts that Raul’s thread convinced me into buying without hearing. ""


It’s weird that you mentioned about when not many time ago you was really happy with. Next is one of what you posted on that issue:



""" I’ve purchased a Ortofon SPU A95, if you have a chance to try one I’d suggest it.

Signet 7TK-SU is still my current favorite on my Acoustic Signature Ascona and SME 3012R. """


That AT group 7TK is almost the entry level model and you was in " love " mounted in the 3012R that’s an stapede tonearm in wbf. Ridiculous for say the least.


Now a simple question: from next " crappy " cartridges which one of them you listened in your room/system? all where " discovered " in that MM thread:


AKG P100 LE, Technics 100C MK4 ( stand alone version ), Stanton 981HZSII, Nagaoka MP-50 Super, Grado " The Amber Tribute ", Acutex 320 III STR IMproved, Signet TK10ML-II, Azden YM-P50VL, ADC 27, Shure ML140HE, Nagatron 9600, Grado MCZ/A, Audio Technica Precept PC440 LC, Astatic MF-2500, JVC X-1MK2, Grado G-1+, etc, etc.


Your answer will be appreciated but before that I can tell you that any one of them can compete today with any top cartridge it does not matters if MC, field coil or the like.



""" I can absolutely trust my ears when I’m listening """, good because the ears of any humasn been is way limited where those ears can foolished you as happened too with the other gentlemans/members in that cartridge STAMPEDE.


You make my day. Thank’s for that.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,