Field coil dava cartridge

I have been hearing great things about the dava field coil cartridge with the tube power supply. I am only able to read a few reviews on them. The reviews seem all positive and the designer Darius seems to be a very approachable person . I would like to hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the cartridge. Especially comparison with the Lyra atlas sl which is my current cartridge.

thanks in advance.


Mijo, I guess it is my fault for not having fully explained my reasoning.  When you see those impressive flat lines on the B&K print-outs that used to be supplied in the box with new cartridges, as far as I know they have to have been created using an input adherent to a compensation curve a la RIAA and then the output of the cartridge has to have been filtered according to the converse of the (RIAA) curve, in order to generate that nearly flat line between 20Hz and 20kHz.  So what you are looking at is the sum result of whatever errors there were in the encoding of the test LP, in the cartridge's response to the input, and in the final decoding.  The graph does not really tell you what the cartridge per se does to the input signal. When you're talking about differences of 0.5db (voltage db), those distinctions assume some importance. And then of course you don't get that flat response at your listening position even if your own phono corrector is perfect.  Which is one reason why we don't all love the same cartridges.  Imperfections are different for different systems, not to mention the bias that we carry in our heads, the magic balance each of us thinks is most real.  My two systems definitely sound different, but not too different. Both of them are consciously put together to give me a close approximation of reality which endeavor brought them close together sonically, but they get there in different ways.  Once I had reached that point in their development, I became much less willing to tweak them or experiment with new equipment, although every once in a while I do that, as you know.

@jeff1225 , I do use my ears. The problem is that I can not use yours or anyone else's unless we are both listening to the same system. 

@pindac , it is always best to evaluate equipment in the flesh and now that I am retiring I will be able to visit more shows and shops. 

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I've had the 3012R longer that WBF has been in existence. I've been patiently waiting for your tonearm to debut so I can buy that.....😀


I actually really enjoy my MM carts, I was just having a little fun. I also really enjoy your posts. I would encourage you to listen to the DaVa when you have a chance. I wasn't expecting to like it so much. Just like I wasn't expecting to own the 3012R for so long. It was the least expensive 12" tonearm when I wanted a 12" 15 years ago. I paid $800 for a NOS one on eBay. I owned it before I even had a table to mount it on. I just haven't heard anything better on my system.  

Enjoying the time on offer through retirement is undoubtedly the goal.

Making additional time for Travel, Catching Up with Old Friends, investing more time into an interest, either one that is known or new, striking through the experiences listed on the Bucket List. With the extra time available there are goals to work towards.

There are lot more experiences behind, than there are out in front, so setting to the tasks is the key to the door.

There is no harm at all that can come from meeting up with others with a shared interest and experiencing their take on the shared interest. 

The dialogue and friendships that can develop are much more valuable than anything on offer from being anonymous and Keyboard Smashing into a forum.

Hence my continued encouragement made known to others to look to find a route to interact with those who are participating in a similar activity with an enthusiasm. 

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Dear @jeff1225  : " It was the least expensive 12" tonearm when I wanted a 12" 15 years ago. "

Things are that I owned several vintage 12" tonearms, it looks really good. I learned several things why not use 12" ( even that today there are audiophiles enjoying 14" tonearm. ).

I owned both SAEC top of its line: the 506-30 ( that was designed not for home system but for radio stations.) and the WE-8000 the build quality level on both tonearms was and is second to none but unfortunatelly not only are 12" but with a double-knife bearing ( 3012: knife-ball. ). I owned too the FR-66 and the little shorter MAX-282 that is one of the best tonearms even today, Audiocraft AC-4400, etc.


Could be that you already read this SAT explanation about ( Dava goes against my syatem MUSic/audio targets and not curious to listen it. IF at random I will have the ocasion to listen it then I will do it. ):