Final? ARC Chapter...


2K for an integrated from ARC? That's pretty funny! It would be hard to believe it if they came out with one for twice that price.

I’m at the Pacific Audio Fest and am merely passing what I heard. David Solomon of Qobuz streamed songs in the excellent sounding Acora Acoustic room demoed by the David’s close friend and owner of AA.  Per David, his friend (didn’t catch name) is a very serious person which led me to believe that ARC is in the hands of someone who cares. Just my audience impression.

ARC is not Mid-Fi. I think those that say that either have never owed ARC or can’t afford ARC .. same group of dumb AF trolls that say Wilson speakers aren’t HiEnd

Charming, I can afford AR and do not care for their sound also think Wilson is overrated crap compared to QLN. 

Typical internet comments from many who don’t understand business. And mid-fi? Really? More that don’t have a clue. ARC may not be everyone’s flavour but it certainly is not mid-fi…