Final Retirement Amplifier-Class A-Upcoming Gryphon Essence Stereo vs Accuphase A75

Thinking about one last major amplification upgrade. Specifically looking at the upcoming Gryphon Essence vs Accuphase A-75 class A amplifiers. 
I realize that the Gryphon Essence has not been released yet, but it is said to sound similar, albeit less powerful, to other more expensive Gryphon class A models. So, it is more a question of the sonic differences of Accuphase vs Gryphon class A amplifiers.  I’d kindly appreciate all opinions. Thank you!
Sorry I've never heard the Accuphase before, but I really like the sound of Gryphon, so I guess that would be my vote. (I own the Diablo 300 but have heard the coliseum multiple times.)  Rich and very transparent with a large soundstage.

Really excited to hear about the new Essence amplifiers coming out!
Thanks rshad0000

Yes; I have heard the Diablo 300; very nice sounding integrated, if not the tiniest bit harsh. I heard the Colosseum, extremely natural. That’s why I’m looking class A. The Essence is due first couple of months 2020.
Retail will be in the $23,000 range from US distributor, still costly but
$4000 less than Accuphase A-75.
Good form audiobrian old chap. A guy responds favorably to your post and you delicately tell him his amp is the "tiniest" bit harsh. 
Hi jetter:  
Thanks for your feedback. I certainly meant no disrespect to rshad0000 or the Diablo 300. My apologies; I own the Diablo 120 and I am looking for a slightly smoother presentation for my aging ears. Hence my interest in the Gryphon Essence or Accuphase A-75.  

Audiobrian, truly sorry for being snarky. It has not been a good morning at this end.

No offense taken.  Audiobrian - I agree with you and think you are dead on.   The Essence, even though expensive, is at least within my price range and will more than likely have those smooth class A highs, with the Gryphon iron fisted bass control, that I'm looking for.   

BTW - I also have a Octave V80SE, with super black box, which I really like as well.   It doesn't have the bass control or quite the transparency of the Diablo, but its has some terrific sounding mids and highs. 
Hi rshad0000:

Thanks for your post. As we know well, our Diablos are very fine integrated amplifiers but I perceive a touch of stridency at moderate to high volumes, most notably with rock or demanding music.  Yes, I am looking forward to the release of the Gryphon Essence. Although I really enjoyed auditioning the Colosseum, it was beyond my reach. I will audition the Essence, though, as it’s power 50/100/190 is lower than I’m accustomed to, and there is a shared transformer with dual secondaries. Shouldn’t be much of a problem though as class A watts seem more potent in controlling the loudspeakers. Please share your experience when you get to hear the Gryphon Essence at a show or personal audition.

Hi Jetter: No worries; thanks for the note. BTW, If you have any experience with Gryphon or Accuphase, please weigh in at your convenience. 
Thanks audiobrian for your kind note, no experience with Gryphon or Accuphase, over my budget, using Parasound A21+ and modified Museatex Meitner monoblocs.
 Both very good amps.
The Accuphase would probably use global feedback, where I'm sure the Gryphon's I believe all use local feedback, which has always to me if done right sounds better in the vocals body department .
Without hearing them side by side, my money would be on the Gryphon's.

Cheers George     
Or there's this Clayton Audio S2000 that, at this used price, would save you over $10k versus the other two and fund a really nice trip abroad in retirement.
Hi Audiobrian,
I have both Gryphon (Diablo 300) and Accuphase A70 ( very similar to the recently released A75). Both are absolutely sensational amps. If you ask me to pick a difference, I would say the Accuphase sounds a little smoother and refined in the highs and the Gryphon is more muscular/ballsy especially in the bass. This difference is not pronounced. I will tell you that the Accuphase A70 at used prices (about 9000 to 10000 dollars) is a fantastic value. For the difference in the price between a used Accuphase A70 and a new Gryphon Essence, you can buy a world class preamp (I use an Ayre KXR 20).
Hi Soix: thanks indeed for the suggestion. I’ve owned Clayton before and liked it very much. I would like to try a non bridged class A design this time around.

Hi apdoc2004: the A-70 is a fine suggestion. I’ll consider this as a third less costly option. I must admit that having heard the class A Gryphon Colosseum, makes the Essence very attractive. (Albeit more costly)
What preamp will you use with your amp?  Will it be the matching pre from Gryphon or Accuphase?
Thx Ryan
I always wanted an Accuphase. I’m a huge fan of Japanese engineering and assembly. 
Hi Ryan:
I’m probably gonna stick with my VAC Renaissance mkV; I’ve been using VAC preamps for 15 years with both tube and solid state amplifiers; always sound great to me.

Hi aberyclark:  Yes; the Accuphase A-75 is a most attractive option to say the least. Not to start another bipolar vs mosfet debate, I do slightly prefer the sound of Mosfets, as in the Accuphase.

1 for Gryphon,

You’ll never read manufacturers that use Mosfet output transistors talking about current ability into low impedance's like this.😒

" Power is the name of the game, and the Essence is equipped to take on even the most vicious and nightmarish of loudspeaker loads. The output section uses Sanken bipolar output devices which have demonstrated extreme reliability in addition to outstanding sonic performance. The Essence Stereo employs 20 transistors per channel, while the Essence Monoblock features 40 of these devices per unit. These transistors can be called upon to deliver massive amounts of momentary peak power without overload."

Cheers George
You are going about this the wrong way.What you should be doing is stating what speakers you own and asking people with the same speakers which amplifiers in their experience sound best.Speaker/amplifier synergy is always the most important consideration.
New Accuphase E-800 (INT) coming out by the end of the year. Just something to consider. 5K-6K more expensive than the E-650 supposedly. 
Just curious, what do you mean by final amp?  Are you talking about for the next 10 to 20 years, or more?
By final amplifier, I do mean one that will deliver excellent sound with my VAC Ren V preamplifier and a KEF Ref 3 loudspeakers for 10 plus years.
i have not been able to audition a Gryphon Essence due to availability and have not made a class A decision. I did pick up a used GamuT D200i which I’m enjoying and am very impressed with its organic presentation and compatibility in my system. 
With this terrible pandemic everything is slowing down. Just curious if anyone has had the opportunity to audition or own the Gryphon Essence. Your opinions are most appreciated.
Looks like most of the feedback is leaning towards the Gryphon even without hearing it or the Accuphase but don't underestimate the A75 which has better numbers then the Gryphon, The A75 doubles down into a one ohm load vs 2 ohm load on the Gryphon. Gryphon doesn't give S/N ratio or Damping factor which the A75 has a S/N ratio of 122db at max output and 128db at -12db which is unreal and damping factor of 1000 should drive just about any speaker out there.

Yes we all know numbers aren't everything and both manufactures have stellar reputation.

At this level it's a matter of synergy and sound preferences.

Im a fan of both and own the Accuphase A65 for several years now.

Has mentioned above the new E800 or a used A70 would also be a good alternative.
For moderate sound levels you may also consider Accuphase newer amplifiers A-48 (Class-A) or P-4500 (Class-AB). These are using the same input amplifier stage as expensive A-75, and therefore have excellent noise and speed characteristics. In interview with Accuphase design Engineers on the question about superiority of Class-A over Class AB, they responded Class-A and Class-AB both are very good. Accuphase amps have versatile power design, switchable internally for 100/120/220/240V 50/60Hz AC power, which is handy if need to move equipment to another country. 
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Gryphon Essence pre and stereo power arriving Friday; replacing a Diablo 300. I’ll report back :)
Thank you eagle3333.  Look forward to your impressions on the Essence pair and enjoy!
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Sure, audiobrian. After years of trying to get different units to ‘synergise’ it’s a massive relief to just leave everything (except dac and server in my case) to Gryphon. The 300 was just superb. I didn’t really need to change; for sure adding another box after ‘downsizing’ box numbers wasn’t planned. But it’s only 1 more box and I’m aiming for this to be my last ever change.
Hi eagle3333: I’m sure you will be favorably impressed with the Gryphon pair. I liked my Diablo 300 as well, with lots of authority and headroom, although it could get just a wee bit strident at higher volumes.(IMHO). My only concern with the Gryphon Essence Stereo Amplifier is the lower power rating, although class A amplifiers seem more powerful watt for watt. All the best!'s a giant; a 64-wheeled, 3-trailer juggernaut with a heart of gold as well as a most delicate side. My room is 12' x 24'. I couldn't use anymore power than this beast puts out. The 300 is wonderful. The Essence combination utterly eclipses it in every way you care to mention. Gryphon have hit a home run in making their stunning Class A electronics available to more of us. I couldn't be happier!
Hi eagle3333:

I’m delighted you are so happy with your new Essence amplification!  Apparently my concern about power (my KEF Reference 3’s really like power) is unwarranted.  Now I’ll have to decide between the Essence Stereo and Accuphase A-70 or 75 Stereo amplifiers.  Congratulations again, and enjoy!
Yes do consider carefully Audiobrian. I bought Essence because I wanted an all-Gryphon system. I have great faith in the integrity and ear of founder Flemming Rasmussen and the faultless support from their very accessible and excellent man at the sharp end, Rune Skov. And because of the honest, superb sound reproduction, obviously. The 300 started my Gryphon journey and Essence has finished it. That’s me done. It’s a big relief to be off the eqpt merry go round and focused on finding new music :)
Hi eagle333, have you heard how the essence stereo compares against the larger Gryphon Class A amps (eg Antileon Evo)?
Hi Schelle, no I’m afraid not. Given the strength of the Essence it must be a heck of a piece of work. It’s too big for
my space even if I could afford it; which I can’t. But my boxes are sounding awesome. The weight of sound and imaging is fabulous, well in excess of the 300 and as much as my room can handle. I’ll do a full write-up ASAP. 
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..full write-up moved to its own post - 'Gryphon Essence Pre and Stereo Power Amp Review'. 
A comparison Essence Stereo vs Accuphase A75 would still be very helpful. Essence seems to be a great amp but how does it compare against a benchmark such as a75? I heard A75 is more powerful but maybe less resolving
Had Accuphase A200s since they first released and loved them (6-7yrs). Surprisingly better bass authority (weight and definition) than my old Soulution—though the 710 has a bit more of it (vol.and slam). Sweeter for sure (call it good/bad depends on taste). With natural believable dense tonality, not the last word in speed nor resolution but when partnered with right preamp and cabling, they will deliver, right up there amongst the SS elites, imo.

Good thing is, all Accuphase amps has ‘gain control’ adjust switch—useful feature when partnering w/pre from other brands vs your speakers’ sensitivity—enabling an optimal pre vol.range which to me is quite critical when dialing in for best possible sound.

Nowadays where mint used pair can be had for around $15-20K ish?—is another fine option to look at.

Not sure the Essence. But the Colloseum mono and Mephisto Solo which I’ve heard are mighty good amps too. However none of the Gryphons has gain control as per best to try it in your system first.

As to A200 vs A250, a/b comparison—definite improvement—yes, well more of slight refinements if I may say. Blacker background (lower noise), resulting in slightly improved bass and resolution, but not night/day. So for those already owning the 200s, for the money—not worth the trade up, just my 2c.
Audio Brian,  
Consider the other Swiss manufacturer that begins with a “D” and has a “Z” in the middle. You will find it worth every penny. Best within a certain budget is not necessarily the best. Bucket list material for sure, and remember, you definitely cannot take it with you. Best of luck in your retirement! 
This is a much higher price class. I am sure this amp would struggle against Antileon evo... But this is my opinion. Sure, a great device.
The question is Essense vs a75 or other power amp (20k EUR)