Finally got a Luxman

So I’ve been at this hobby 35+ years and while I’ve had some good pre/amp tube gear from AR and BAT it’s all been used vintage gear. Good gear nonetheless but old tech (30 years in some cases) and finicky at that age. Though the BAT preamp has never had a hiccup. 

Today I got my first new high end integrated amp from Luxman, the poor man’s integrated, the L-505uxII.  I’ve always wanted a Luxman, but it’s always been out of my price range until recently.

I’m running it on a pair of Forte IV’s (technically Forte III’s that have the upgrade kit to make them the same as Forte IV’s).  Even though it’s got less than an hour on it, it’s blowing me away.  The tone is so smooth and it’s way more refined. .

I look forward to the next 100 hours to see how this thing changes.


Congrats! I know the feeling. I always wanted a McIntosh , just for the blue meters! Finally could afford one as well as a Accuphase amp. Someday I might add a Luxman as I always wanted one of those too. 

I have the same Luxman Integrated, got it about five years ago on closeout. It's a great amp and was in my price range.   

I've had the Luxman 590 AXII for 2 years now and love it. I've been through almost every brand and even went separates twice. I have never been happier, lots of features, sound that is tube like without the heat and hassle, I can go on. I am sure there is better then Luxman, but then you would have to get to the $100K+ speaker level to hear the difference in my opinion.

It took a good 100 hours to settle in, but sounded great out of the box.

Enjoy the music!

Nice ! I had Klipsch Forte and Cornwall and liked them a lot too. Can the Forte 3 really be upgraded to be exactly the same as the version 4? I didn't think they could be ? 


Also, does anyone have experience with buying this exact Luxman amp from the many sellers on Ebay that are selling it for $2700 new in a box and shipping directly from Japan? I assume it needs to run on a converter?