Finally got a Luxman

So I’ve been at this hobby 35+ years and while I’ve had some good pre/amp tube gear from AR and BAT it’s all been used vintage gear. Good gear nonetheless but old tech (30 years in some cases) and finicky at that age. Though the BAT preamp has never had a hiccup. 

Today I got my first new high end integrated amp from Luxman, the poor man’s integrated, the L-505uxII.  I’ve always wanted a Luxman, but it’s always been out of my price range until recently.

I’m running it on a pair of Forte IV’s (technically Forte III’s that have the upgrade kit to make them the same as Forte IV’s).  Even though it’s got less than an hour on it, it’s blowing me away.  The tone is so smooth and it’s way more refined. .

I look forward to the next 100 hours to see how this thing changes.


@last_lemming  I am with you. About a year ago I bought the same Luxman integrated. I wanted to simplify so I sold my Exposure SS gear and my vintage McIntosh tube gear. I find the Luxman to be an improvement over my previous gear. I still get a tube-like quality with my Harbeth speakers, and a more solid bottom end. I find the phono stage to be very good too.

Like you I opted for the poor man’s integrated from the Luxman line, but I don’t think we sacrificed much. Enjoy that amp as it breaks in. I think the cosmetics are beautiful as well.



Yeah, zero regrets. This thing just sound magnificent!  I went for nothing. Can’t even imagine what the higher-ups sound like. Maybe if I hit the lottery;)

Can the Forte 3 really be upgraded to be exactly the same as the version 4? I didn't think they could be ? 

GR research for the Forte upgrade kit. I did the upgrade.

Yes. The kit is made by Klipsch. The only thing that is different is they changed the speaker cabinet base, otherwise it ends up being the same speaker (the forte IV). Takes about 2 hours to install.


you will need 2 kits:

Gotta love Audiogon.

O.P. Comments about integrated upgrade performance. 

Trolls wanna argue about speaker upgrade kits….