Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!

Saw these in a trade mag.

$750K for the set according to the article.

If one has the wallet for this kind of excess-HELL YEAH!

I personally think a pair of the old Stradivari would compliment the subs more than the Suprema towers. Perhaps not a sonic match, but that would only be a $20/30K goof-put those in the guest room.

I have to contact SF to see if they’ll sell another pair of subs for my SWARM setup.

dz0xNDAwJmg9MTM2NA==_src_75046-system-glosnikowy-sonus-faber-suprema-fot2.jpg (1400×1364)

Suprema Tech Specs | Sonus faber



"Really amazing speakers that ignored the room they were in,"

I agree. I have heard them in a living room, with no audiophool enhancements and in demo rooms.

Breathtaking and nice to stare at in both arrangements. 

The Stradivari are on my long term "buy if found @ crazy, low price." 


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No doubt the Suprema is a beautiful system, but in order for me to afford a set, I’d have to sell all of my family’s houses and then my friends houses to be able to afford the proper electronics and cabling.

Easier would be winning PowerBall!