Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!

Saw these in a trade mag.

$750K for the set according to the article.

If one has the wallet for this kind of excess-HELL YEAH!

I personally think a pair of the old Stradivari would compliment the subs more than the Suprema towers. Perhaps not a sonic match, but that would only be a $20/30K goof-put those in the guest room.

I have to contact SF to see if they’ll sell another pair of subs for my SWARM setup.

dz0xNDAwJmg9MTM2NA==_src_75046-system-glosnikowy-sonus-faber-suprema-fot2.jpg (1400×1364)

Suprema Tech Specs | Sonus faber



The only aesthetically pleasing sub is no sub at all or hidden in a wall, another room and ported completely out of sight. For most, a necessary eye sore. 

If someone has the dough for this type of extravagance, just commission 

Franco Serblin, the man behind SF and have him design a pair of your own Suprema's? 

For one thing, design a magnetic setup so as not to ruin the look with those cheap fasteners SF still uses.

$1,000,000+ McIntosh & Sonus faber Suprema Loudspeaker System at CES 2024 (

I also noticed SF has reintroduced the Stradivari. Not impressed with the new look?

9-2663-STRADIVARI-life.jpg (1000×580)

I guess I admire Serblin SF than current SF. 

@m-db, they only blend a bit cuz fortunate enough to have a dedicated room. Home break (if I read this correctly) Ditch, MTK


not sure where I saw the driver with the sticker (another forum or YouTube), but I saved a screen shot of it. I am not sure how to post a picture from my phone on this forum. It does not really matter, lots of brands use scan speak, seas, SB Acoustics and get good results. Where I take issue is when the brand changes the phase plug or back plate and calls it their own design…


I thought it was more funny than anything in a $750k speaker. You get more tech in Vivid audio (just to name one brand) for 1/10th the price. Not that tech by itself makes things good, I still like good old paper drivers.