Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!

Saw these in a trade mag.

$750K for the set according to the article.

If one has the wallet for this kind of excess-HELL YEAH!

I personally think a pair of the old Stradivari would compliment the subs more than the Suprema towers. Perhaps not a sonic match, but that would only be a $20/30K goof-put those in the guest room.

I have to contact SF to see if they’ll sell another pair of subs for my SWARM setup.

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Suprema Tech Specs | Sonus faber



@bigwave1  No cam and windy, right? My wife’s uncle Murray was a 
high school wood shop teacher a few miles South. 

I actually dislike the look of those.  I use a pair of Hsu VTF-15H MK2 subs ($2500 and a faux rosewood finish that is quite nice) and have no complaints.  They are only used in the home theatre section of my system as my main speakers are 3 dB down at 19 Hz.

The lil KEF KC62 microsubs (white or grey) look nice with modern home decor.

One could purchase a couple of Ryhtmik drivers and diy a open baffle sub with a very a nice artistic design. hardwood and stain.

In general, if many subs were not just black boxes and made to look like hardwood cabinets/ blend with furniture, WAF would go up.

The Sonus Fabooboo looks like a sinister medieval torture device.