Finding a Power Cord that sounds great

There are so many Power cords out there it is mind boggling. I have tried quite a few of them. Here is what I have tried over the few years. JPS +, Kimber Kable Palladian, Cardas Golden reference, Shunyata Python Helix. They all had their pluses and minuses and I kept looking. Some I enjoyed more than others. I recently tried a BPT L9cT(advertised here on Audiogon) and was surprised at how good it was for such a reasonable price. Chris Hoff of BPT(great guy to work with by the way) made a special L9cT Power Cord with the new Furutech FI50 connectors recently. Wow! Now I thought this is something special. It imaged better that any of the other Power cords I had tried with a deeper and higher image than I had experienced before. It is still a fast cord with excellent transients and great bass but with a much bigger sound stage. Also the Furutech FI50's seem to give the sound a relaxed realistic character to instruments. Pianos especially sounded nice. I have heard the Furutech powerflux power cord was an excellent. It was slightly higher priced than what I wanted to pay for a power cord. It uses the F150 connectors. So trying the BPT cord with Fi50s was a nice find.
Anyone want to share their experiences with the best power cord they have used? I know some of this is system dependent. Has anyone tried a BPT power cord or a power cord with FI50 connectors? Just wanted to say I had a very good listening experience with BPT L9CT with Furutech FI50s.

My Equipment
Anthem D2
Theta Dreadnaught II
Naim CDx2
Kef reference 205s RL
Kef reference 204 center
Martin Logan descent Sub
PSB synch surrounds
Oyaide R1 outlets with Furutech covers
Shunyata Black Mamba CX brought my Bryston BCD-1 to life.
Am going to use one on the McIntosh C2200 pre amp next.
The best power cord is the degree of synergise to the component of which it connects to, follow by the signature character of certain brand you prefer IMHO.
Have tried many cords to replace my Electraglile FatBoy 2000 Gold on my SET just for curiosity but failed.
Like everything, sometimes one piece of gear meshes better than another,everyone has a different "sound" they are going for.

The sound of our systems are influenced by everything around them,the electricity, the room dimensions, room treatment, and even by our own individual tastes in music.

Because none of us are exactly alike, we all enjoy different types of music and music reproducing systems.
We all have a "sound" we are chasing after.

What I think works for me in my environment, may sound terrible to you in yours.

That's why it's very important to do the work required to audtion as amny power cords at all price levels and configurations, until you find one that compliments "your" gear and suits your ears and pocket book.

I think all the power cords mentioned are worthy of an audition,the best cable I have found may not be the one for you and so on.

Pretty straight forward isn't it, just common sense.
But the impetus is for "you" to do the auditioning,use your ears, don't rely on ours to make your final decision.