finding a solid state amp to replace a tube amp

i am looking for a solid sate amp which sounds closest in treble response to the conrad johnson mv 125?

i realize that a ss amp will not sound the same ,. however what ss amp is close in its treble response if any ?


this amp would be a back-up amp.
I would look first at CJ SS amps, as they are products of the same design team. I use a CJ 350 myself and it is a great amp, although not cheap. But as noted above , tubes and SS have their own sound. If it is to be a back up why not try a different flavor, I am a SS user but occasionally use a tube hybrid pre amp, it gives a different, but equally valid, take on the music.
Don't know about CJ treble response but you might like ARC'z 100.2 and D400MkII amps - both are considered to have some tube like character.
Bel Canto eVo should be on your short list. I replaced a tube amp with an eVo. Needed more power, but did not have the budget for high-powered tube. Including both tube and SS, the eVo has turned out to be one of my favorites.
No matter what solid state amp you buy you will never be happy. Forever lurking in your mind will be 'doesn't sound tube like'. Just buy another tube amp with more power. Remember, audio is a 'mind game.