Finding ultra-pure water locally...

I've been reading up on record cleaning, and there seems to be something of a consensus that rinsing with ultra pure water / lab-grade water / triple distilled water (I'm assuming these are just different names for essentially the same thing?) helps. Where does one buy such water locally? I would imagine paying postage to ship 10 lbs of water would be rather high. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tks!

Drubin, my process for rinsing with a vacuum cleaning machine is to dedicate a cleaning pad (Walker Audio, Disc Doctor or Music Direct) to the final rinse; apply ultra pure water to saturate the pad; apply pad to rotating LP; then vacuum.
With the record mounted on my Loricraft, I squirt water on it, then turn on the platter and hold a carbon fiber brush to the surface so the water gets distributed as the platter turns. Then vacuum off the water.
The Axiom everything matters especially applies to cleaning records and the sonic results that are yielded.
I use a separate brush for each fluid and or rinse that I do. I don't want to cross contaminate from one step to another. Using "Ultra-Pure" water matters dramatically in each step (either as part of the cleaning solution or as a rinse).
Using a strong vacuuming machine (Loricraft or other) is important in that you need to remove all of the cleaning/ rinse solutions off of the record to take the impurities /dirt/ mold out of the grooves.
My great preference is the AI solution system as I have mentioned before. Walker's system is quite good as well. The more resolving your system the more you will appreciate the value of good cleaning / rinsing solutions and a great machine.
Good Luck
Hello, to answer your first query, no, ultra pure water, lab-grade water and distilled water are not the same thing.

Lab grade water is a collective term for different types of water used in laboratories, namely type-I, type-II & type-III water.

Ultra Pure Water or Type-I Water is the purest form of water i.e. water without any dissolved components or solvents, it undergoes 4 stages of purification and is used in critical laboratory applications. 

Distilled water is the water that has been treated with the distillation technique, which is the oldest water purification technique.

Moving on to the second question, I guess you could look for a laboratory consumable suppliers. They deal in various lab supplies from chemicals to solvents and might also provide ultrapure water.

I hope my answer was of help, Thanks.