Finish Quality of Von Schweikert VR4jr's

I have a system consisting of an EAD Ultradisc as transport, a Benchmark DAC, an ARC LS-15 preamp, Gamut D200 amp and VR4jr speakers, and find I am hearing some "grunge", for a lack of a better word, in the leading edge of vocals. There seems to be an edge to the sound, not a sweetnes , and I am seeking some ideas of what I might change to rid the system of the sound.
I realize the description is a bit week, but all comments will be appreciated.
Sorry...A screwed up header. I've reposted the question with a correct one, but can't delete this .
What's your back tweeter positioned at?
Usually, 3.5 to 4 works best with the speakers positioned about 3' away from the front wall. You have to find the best setting that works in your room.