Firing up old tube amps. Should I worry?

Hey, I'm going to fire up a pair of World Audio Design KEL80 monoblocks I built probably 15 years ago. They probably haven't been on in 10+ years. Anything I should worry about? All parts used back then were new and good ones - may have upgraded the capacitors. I don't have a Variac, so I can't ramp up the voltage. They worked back then, but I'm just a little concerned they'll arc or something and blow my speakers.
Electrolytic capacitors deform over time when not exposed to voltage. The oxide layer that forms the dielectric slowly dissolves. Capacitors that wee rated at 450 working volts when new might only be able to handle a fraction of that after 15 years unused.

It is also possible for the electrolytic capacitors to dry out over time.

Best advice is to inspect them for bulges or leaks, then use a variac to raise the voltage slowly and give the capacitors time to re-form.
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