First impressions of the Isoacoustic Gaia 1’s

On my KEF Reference 5’s.

While I normally hear little to no change with “Tweaks”, I installed them Saturday evening and found immediate spatial differences. Just about every album sounded more open. I told my wife, who helped me install the Gaia’s,  that if I wasn’t wowed, I’d send them back.

The room has wall to wall carpet and pad on the floor and when  I first received the Reference 5’s, they sounded flat. I put small hardwood flooring samples under them and it helped a little.  I then put a small slab of granite under each of them and they became much nicer to listen to. I was quite surprised at the change. 
The Gaia 1’s are sitting on the granite as well and so far, I’m very happy. 

It’s only been a few days, but I’m pretty sure they are “hear” to stay.

Anyone else have similar experience’s with speaker. Isolation?



Thanks @ozzy

The bumps probably add 1/2” in height  to the bottom plate, but the plate adds about 3” in the front and about 5” in width on the back and while there are currently No tubes in this system, I would still be concerned about it being more tippy.

All the best.



I am just stating my ACTUAL experience since I own both the Gaias and the Townshends. No plugs just trying to share information.