First impressions of the Isoacoustic Gaia 1’s

On my KEF Reference 5’s.

While I normally hear little to no change with “Tweaks”, I installed them Saturday evening and found immediate spatial differences. Just about every album sounded more open. I told my wife, who helped me install the Gaia’s,  that if I wasn’t wowed, I’d send them back.

The room has wall to wall carpet and pad on the floor and when  I first received the Reference 5’s, they sounded flat. I put small hardwood flooring samples under them and it helped a little.  I then put a small slab of granite under each of them and they became much nicer to listen to. I was quite surprised at the change. 
The Gaia 1’s are sitting on the granite as well and so far, I’m very happy. 

It’s only been a few days, but I’m pretty sure they are “hear” to stay.

Anyone else have similar experience’s with speaker. Isolation?




Thank you for the tip. I will definitely check them out. Those Ref 5s are great speakers! Enjoy!


I am a fan. I have Gaia II on Joseph Audio Perspective2 and Yamaha NS-5000.  I use Gaia I on my PSAudio FR-20.  When I buy new speakers, I automatically purchase isoacoustic gaias. 

I put the GAIA I underneath my Legacy Audio speakers and the soundstage and everything opened up.  I was able to hear the difference immediately.  Well worth the money.