First Tube amp suggestions

I am thinking of buying my first tube amplifier and really have no idea where to start.  Years ago I listened to a Sophia Electric  el34 amp (SET) driving a pair of Joseph Audio rm7si bookshelf speakers in a very well set up room and could not believe how sweet they sounded together for the price. (It really felt like James Taylor was in the room).  I regret that I never pulled the trigger on that system and do not know what a good entry level system would be nowadays.  I listen  mainly to male and female folk rock and an occasional classical or jazz album (Cd's and streaming from Tidal)  My current speakers are Triangle Borea BR03's  -90 db but am open to swapping them out. and the listening room is 14' x 20'.  There is a lot of internet chatter about low cost tube amps like the Reisong A12 and the mid priced Williston R8.  Are these amps worth buying or where should I start?  Thanks in advance!


What amp do you have now, what sound characteristics are most important to you and what specific improvements are you looking for, and what’s your budget?

I own the R8 as well as the Bro 3's. Works great and they are not harsh sounding. No need for a sub in my 15x15 room

I haven’t heard it, so can’t comment on it first hand… but I’ve been researching similar options for my dad who has expressed interest in an entry level priced tube integrated.

The LSA VT-70 sold by Underwood HiFi seems to get universal praise for the price….which is about $1200 I believe.

It’s a Chinese amp built by a former lead engineer at Line Magnetic (Chinese tube amps that also receive lots of praise)



Before you buy anything watch this video about Black Ice Audio entry level tube amp:

@soix I currently have an NAD C338 integrated.  My main goal is to try to get closer to a "holographic" soundstage that is not fatiguing.  My  system right now is not bad to my ears, I just want to try to take a next step towards that being in the room with the artist feel. My budget is $1,000 - $1,500 depending on if I keep my Triangles.