First Tube amp suggestions

I am thinking of buying my first tube amplifier and really have no idea where to start.  Years ago I listened to a Sophia Electric  el34 amp (SET) driving a pair of Joseph Audio rm7si bookshelf speakers in a very well set up room and could not believe how sweet they sounded together for the price. (It really felt like James Taylor was in the room).  I regret that I never pulled the trigger on that system and do not know what a good entry level system would be nowadays.  I listen  mainly to male and female folk rock and an occasional classical or jazz album (Cd's and streaming from Tidal)  My current speakers are Triangle Borea BR03's  -90 db but am open to swapping them out. and the listening room is 14' x 20'.  There is a lot of internet chatter about low cost tube amps like the Reisong A12 and the mid priced Williston R8.  Are these amps worth buying or where should I start?  Thanks in advance!


Look for a used Dennis Had Inspire KT88 Firebottle on audiomart sites.  He hasn’t built many, but for $2k you get the performance of a $10k SET amp.  He built me one last summer, it blows away my Willsenton R800i and Oldchen EL34 for texture,  tone and layers of holographic imagery.  

I own Jolida separates and if the upgrades Black Ice claims are real, you can’t go wrong for the price. 

I’m not an expert, but the impedance graph I found for your current speakers seems to indicate it might need a bit of power.


Triangle Borea BR03 Speaker Measurement impedance and phase.png